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SolarElec Ltd
27 Kimberley Road
North Walsham
Norfolk NR28 9DZ
Email: info@solarelecltd.com


Mark Sayer
Phone: 01692 407407 Mobile: 07770377703

Jason Mills
Phone: 01692 402259
Mobile: 07770760046
Eco Certification

Real Assurance

Napit NIC

Electricity from sunlight: produce your own and get paid for it!!

Now you can generate your own cheap, green electricity from sunlight and receive a tax free income too.

Solar photovoltaic (PV) technology is already familiar - it is used to power calculators, road signs, toys and phone chargers by taking light from the sun, and using it to power the appliance. Solar PV panels for electricity generation work on the same principle, just on a larger scale, and produce electricity for use in your home or business.

Daylight is all you need to get electricity from the panels. Although more electricity is produced on sunny days panels work well on overcast days too.

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SolarElec is a Norfolk business set up by two experienced and qualified electricians to assure you of a professional installation to the highest standards, and give you the confidence of working with a local firm.