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SolarElec Ltd
27 Kimberley Road
North Walsham
Norfolk NR28 9DZ
Email: info@solarelecltd.com


Mark Sayer
Phone: 01692 407407 Mobile: 07770377703

Jason Mills
Phone: 01692 402259
Mobile: 07770760046
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Receive a guaranteed tax free income too

Solar Panels Tax Free Norfolk The FITS feed – in tariff scheme is now in place so you will actually get paid to produce your own electricity! You will receive 41.3p for every unit of electricity you produce. When you produce more than you are using yourself then the surplus is exported into the national grid and you receive another 3p per unit on top. This would typically be half the electricity your panels generate. When you produce less than you are using then you top up the supply from your electricity supplier in the normal way and are billed for it.

But it is quite likely that your income gained by generating your own power can be greater than your reduced bill from your conventional supplier – so they would be paying you and not the other way around!

Power from solar panels could earn you up to £900, along with a £140 reduction on household energy bills. (Typical figures based on a 2.5kw well – sited system).

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