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SolarElec Ltd
27 Kimberley Road
North Walsham
Norfolk NR28 9DZ
Email: info@solarelecltd.com


Mark Sayer
Phone: 01692 407407 Mobile: 07770377703

Jason Mills
Phone: 01692 402259
Mobile: 07770760046
Eco Certification

Real Assurance

Napit NIC

How can I benefit from Solar PV panels in my home?

Contact SolarElec now for a free no-obligation survey of your home and our experts will advise you on what is most suitable and just how you can expect to benefit from the payments and electricity saved.

If you decide to go ahead, your SolarElec system will be installed by qualified electricians with official MCS accreditation for SolarPV technology, so you can be assured of a professional installation to highest standards.

SolarElec use Dimplex pv panels and equipment so you can be confident that your system will be created with quality components for best results and long life.

Your SolarElec system has a working life of around 35 years and should pay for itself within 10, with the guaranteed payments you receive continuing until year 25. So it’s a great investment giving a much higher return than you could expect from banks or savings accounts – you can expect an effective return of 8 to 10% on your investment, tax free.

And the value of your house is likely to be increased should you decide to sell – after all, free electricity plus a guaranteed income is a bonus selling point!

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